Monday, December 29, 2014


I have been toying with the idea of starting a new blog where I could share things that we do at home outside my job. I just might be a bit OCD because it bothers me to mix school and home on a blog titled Educating Children with Disabilities.

I noticed that when I started that blog, I became more organized in my thoughts, how the physical space is arranged, taking pictures of lessons and art projects, documenting progress. I also follow lots of other bloggers who do the same thing, they inspire and share their ideas. I feel I have grown as a teacher since beginning the blog!

I started thinking that maybe if I start a blog about 

  • improving health habits: exercising, eating, recipes
  • home projects: organizing, renovating and so on

and the variety of things we do, maybe I could grow in these areas also. It's worth a shot...right?

If you are a teacher, I'm sure you know how difficult it is to turn off teacher mode and begin LIFE mode! I have several false starts sitting around my house..a dust covered guitar for example. 

So, Let's get started!

We bought a lovely house this summer in a just right location in Alaska.

Definition of "just right location": Reasonable driving distance to jobs, stores and Grandchildren, some space between us and neighbors and a nearby lake with public access.

We looked at homes on lakes and they were amazing. They were also above our price range OR major fixer uppers (again above our price range). Taxes are another concern when you live on the water here.  Walking distance to a lake is just fine!

We had a wonderful real estate agent to help us, she is a friend and coworker as well. She drove all over the area showing us homes, she researched, made calls and more to make sure we would get our money's worth. It was 11 PM one night when she sent this house to us by text! It had gone on the market just minutes before. We loved it from that first tiny picture on my phone.

We Christmasized as much as possible....

Happy New Year,


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