Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer in Alaska

Summer in Alaska is very impressive. I'm not sure if it is because of the rough winters or if it is really amazing no matter where you spent your winter.

I'm sharing just a peek of it that is happening in our yard.
Welcome to
the Enchanted Forest!

It has taken almost two summers to clear out a path. The ground has a  very "spongy" feel.

We're walking into the shadows now.

Devil's Club, you don't want to touch.
Serious thorns, they take awhile to get out of your skin.

Lovely ferns.

The trees are so tall. I like to look up, up, up until I see their tops. We have mostly Birch and Spruce trees.

 Back out into the sun!
We love our hill of wild flowers!

Check out the little birds!

The mosquitos were too aggressive on the back trail! We will check that one out another day!

Thank you for joining me,


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